This award seeks to acknowledge an individual, team or organisation that has undertaken a project that has been highly innovative in terms of new technology, or how technology was used in a new and different way for the project. It could be a new item type of tool from a commercial provider or using existing technology in a creative way to overcome local challenges, for example. The idea does not have to be completely new, but can be an adaptation, combination or new interpretation of a solution.

There is no requirement for any product or concept to already be commercially used.


Submissions will be judged according to how well they meet each of the criteria below (max 1000 words). We also request a brief overview, or executive summary for the judging panel (max 200 words). Each submission will be considered on individual merit.

  • What problem or challenge did you seek to address? What evidence is there of a need for this innovation?
  • What detailed research was undertaken? If it was an unforeseen circumstance that had to be resolved, how was the exact nature of the issue determined, before moving forwards?
  • Was this new technology that has been developed to resolve an existing problem, or to solve a new problem?
  • Did the project explore the use of existing technologies first? If new technology was used, why was this development required? Was existing technology used in a different way and if so why was this choice made?
  • What clear planning process was followed to develop the innovation?
  • What pilots or trials have been carried out to date, and how have these shaped further innovation and development?
  • What were the barriers to adoption of the new technology and it's innovative nature?
  • How was use and purpose of the new technology / innovation communicated to stakeholders?
  • What is the market potential for the innovation and how will this be communicated to potential users?
  • Is the innovation scaleable, can it be transferred into different customers/organisations or environments?
  • What are the predicted or known costs for production? How will this innovation provide value for money?

Sponsored by RM Results

"RM Results is proud to continue our long-standing commitment to e-assessment by sponsoring the Innovation Award at the 2018 e-Assessment Awards.

Continuous innovation in developing RM Assessor, the world’s most widely used high stakes e-marking platform, is at the heart of our business, making this award the natural choice for us. We look forward to the awards and to hearing about the exciting innovations shortlisted this year".

Melanie Thomson, Head of Marketing, RM Results