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ACER sponsors of the 2021 e-Assessment Awards

ACER are the sponsors of the Best Formative Assessment 2021 International e-Assessment Awards.

ACER are proud to be sponsoring the e-Assessment Best Formative Assessment Project – an award that recognises the importance of formative assessment innovation, committed research and development in this field. We welcome the opportunity to acknowledge another contribution to e-assessment through the 2021 awards.

ACER strives to achieve our mission of improving learning across the lifetime by creating and promoting research-based knowledge, products and services. At ACER we continue to recognise the increasingly important role e-Assessment plays in measuring and fostering of learning across the educational spectrum. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the crucial role that e-Assessment plays in monitoring and informing learning, and in doing so in a flexible way. At ACER, we have been active in continuing to offer a suite of e-assessments as well as in adapting those that were previously paper-based to e-delivery in response to the new dynamics. In Scotland we have seen a number of teachers choosing to administer the Scottish National Standardised Assessments earlier than in previous years, in recognition that these formative assessments can help to provide information on the learning profiles of the children and young people in their class, which has been of particular interest following extended periods of school closure.

ACER is one of the world’s leading educational research organisations and has been providing reliable support and expertise to educational policy makers and practitioners since 1930. Working closely with governments, schools and universities in the UK, international aid agencies, and research or not-for-profit organisations such as RAND, Department for International Development UK and the Scottish Government. We work to help advance educational research and help progress educational development in every project we take on. We create and promote research-based knowledge, products and services that can be used to improve learning across the lifespan. We work globally with schools, education departments, ministries of education, further and higher education institutions, donor organisations and non-government organisations.