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Vretta are the sponsors of the Most Innovative Use of Technology in Assessment Award at the 2021 International e-Assessment Awards.

As the sponsor of the 2021 e-Assessment Award: Most Innovative Use of Technology in Assessment, Vretta aims to support organizations and institutions that design, develop, and implement assessments that not only measure student learning, but also support student success through the innovative use of technology in assessments.

Vretta is a multi-award winning organization that specializes in delivering assessment and learning experiences that support student success at the primary, secondary, and post-secondary educational levels.  With over a decade of research and dedication in understanding how students succeed by interacting with rich and engaging technology-enhanced assessments, Vretta specializes in the innovative use of assessments to provide greater equity and strengthen the skills of students. They focus on modernizing assessment and learning solutions through creative design, backed by psychometric precision, delivering reliable, flexible and equitable learning and assessment experiences for students, educators, and administrators.

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