Best Use of Formative Assessment



This award seeks to acknowledge an assessment product, which brings clearly identifiable benefits to formative assessment in a specific field(s).

Applications for this award need not be made by a supplier, but supplier-led nominations will be considered with equal merit. Each application must include details of at least one case study, which showcases use within a specific institution.

There are no restrictions on the nature of formative assessment solutions which can be entered for this category, beyond the requirement that they must already be in use. This award covers both assessments and assessment systems for any age range, which can focus on any subject matter; covering both academic and vocational subjects.


Submissions will be judged according to how well they meet each of the criteria below (max 1000 words). We also request a brief overview, or executive summary for the judging panel (max 200 words). Please do not submit any additional information, such as links to websites; this information will not be considered in initial shortlisting. Each submission will be considered on individual merit.

  1. Has the formative assessment solution been developed to address a clearly identified need? What is this need? How has the need been addressed?
  2. Is there is demonstrable evidence of a successful implementation strategy, including alignment with organisational goals, engagement with key stakeholders, marketing, piloting, support and evaluation?
  3. Please provide details of the specific achievements delivered by the solution to date. For example: improved user performance, cost savings, time savings.
  4. Is it distinctive and innovative? What does this solution offer that is different to any comparable products?
  5. Is it easy for students and assessment administrators to use? Please provide details of features which support ease of use, e.g. screen layout and navigation, user guidance, etc.
  6. Does it support accessibility for users with a wide range of needs by allowing customisation of features features – e.g. alternative formats, audio options, or adjustable text size? Please provide details.
  7. How robust / reliable is the assessment delivery system?

Sponsored by The City & Guilds Group

"The City & Guilds Group is delighted to sponsor the award for Best Use of Formative Assessment. Formative Assessment plays a key role in helping learners understand and focus on areas of misunderstanding or skills deficiency. Allowing tuition to focus on these areas can then improve the development and achievement of learners.

Technology enabled assessment can help to augment the role of tutors and provide timely and effective feedback to learners in ways that conventional assessment techniques cannot. It is also an informative proof of concept arena to trial eAssessment solutions that could then be applied in summative assessment scenarios. For these reasons the City & Guilds strongly supports the role of innovation in this vital stage of learning and development.

Patrick Craven,

Director of Assessment Policy, Research and Compliance