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Judging for Best Formative Assessment Project

eAAwards 2021

Our Judges

Photograph of Fiona Harvey

Fiona Harvey

Faculty Learning Technology Lead for Social and Historial Science, UCL.

Fiona is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (Advance HE) and was recently President and Chair for the Association for Learning Technology (2014-2017). Fiona is a Board Member of the e-Assessment Association.

Fiona is actively involved in the online community and is studying for her Ph.D. with Lancaster University in e-Research and Technology Enhanced Learning. Fiona has always been interested in the development of digital literacies. skills for students and staff and enjoys exploring new technologies to enhance the student experience. She is working with teams to across the institution to support staff and students to engage effectively online.  She is also developing the Students as Partners initiatives for digital skills development.

Photograph of Geoff Chapman 2021

Geoff Chapman

Assessment and Exam Tech Consultant, Founder of Acta, Co-Founder of World Exam Tech.

In his third decade of international education experience, Geoff's consultancy solves issues and provides 'critical friend' advice for exam owners, tech solution companies, and to the investment community. Formerly eAA Vice-Chair, he was part of the management team that sold the Mo University Assistant to UCAS in October 2020. Geoff is renowned by the international e-assessment sector for quantifying and de-risking new market entry, uncovering new opportunities, and championing innovation.

A published author on e-assessment, Geoff also holds contemporary post-graduate qualifications in assessment, education, IT service, strategic management, project and bid management. Geoff's website ( has free e-assessment resources, presentations, and blogs to help communicate good e-assessment practice. He also tweets on e-assessment via Twitter @chappersman

jc photo

Jeremy Carter

Consultant, Founder of Advance EdTech Ltd

Jeremy has 23 years of commercial experience in the technology industry. Driven by a passion for the role of technology in education, Jeremy has spent 17 years in learning and assessment. Through his work with Questionmark, BTL Group Ltd, as co-founder of Cirrus Assessment and now with his consultancy, Advance EdTech, he has collaborated with many awarding organisations in the UK, helping to deliver some of the largest e-assessment programmes in the country.

A regular contributor and speaker at industry conferences, Jeremy is also a past e-Assessment Award winner with Cirrus Assessment taking the inaugural "Best Use of Summative Assessment" award in 2017.

Dr Sladana Krstic

Sladana Krstic

Senior Research Fellow, Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) UK

Having started at ACER UK in mid-2016, Sladana is an experienced researcher, leading the psychometrics and research team in the UK. Sladana has managed many projects, most recently for the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Nursing and Midwifery Council, the International Baccalaureate, and others. She provides psychometric advice on ACER's various assessments, including Scottish National Standardised Assessments. She is currently engaged in a ground breaking research project for the International Baccalaureate Organisation and the Jacobs Foundation on Curiosity, Creativity and Learning. Previously Sladana worked as a Research Manager for QCDA and as a Project Manager for Ofqual and QCA.

Sladana has over 15 years experience in research and project management, and high stakes assessment policy communications in the education sector. She possess high research skills including quantitative and qualitative methodology, data analysis, sampling design and questionnaire development. Sladana is also a Co-opted Governor at Marjory Kinnon school in London.