Judging for Best Transformational Project


Jeff Ross

Jeff Ross is an Independent Prince II project manager and consultant with expertise in e-Assessment, e-learning and the use of IT and internet technologies in education, learning and training, including instructional design and qualification development. Previously he was a senior manager with a major awarding body, where he was responsible for change management programmes associated with the introduction of ICT solutions to the delivery of education services and qualifications. He is a frequent visitor and collaborator with educational institutions in the UK and in India. His background is in IT, education, publishing, logistics and business operations. He is a director at both Assessment Tomorrow and UK Skills. In his spare time he travels, loves music of all kinds, books and moaning about the state of English Cricket.


Mark Dawe

Mark was appointed as the new Chief Executive of AELP in March 2016 succeeding Stewart Segal following his announcement to step down in January 2016. He is on the Board of WorldSkills Uk and the UfI Trust as well as a range of government boards such as the SFA / EFA advisory board and the DfE’s Apprenticeship Stakeholder Board. Most recently, Mark Dawe was the chief executive of OCR, the exam board, for 5 years. He is currently a governor of Sawston Village College and Stapleford Community Primary School and a scout leader. Mark has a wealth of experience across a board spectrum in the education field. Prior to his role at OCR, Mark was Principal of Oaklands FE College having been Deputy Director and AELP Board Director, FE Strategy at the Department of Education and Skills and before that as Deputy Director, Adult Basic Skills Strategy Unit after joining the department in 2003. Having read Economics at Cambridge University before qualifying as a chartered accountant at KPMG, Mark joined Canterbury College, becoming Head of Corporate Services in 1994. In 2000, he helped set up eGS, an e-procurement provider to the public sector.


Gareth Hopkins

Gareth has worked in e-assessment since joining City & Guilds in 2005, where he is currently the specialist on e-volve, the organisation’s summative e-assessment platform. When Gareth started most of his time was spent building and delivering banks of Multiple Choice questions, but for the past few years he’s been primarily involved in supporting the use of Advanced Question Types to broaden the methods of assessment used. The most prominent examples of this are their Functional Skills tests, which use written-response, bespoke Mathematics question types, and ‘in-app’ tools. Gareth has also built a reputation for taking off-the-shelf tools in the system and using them in ways they weren’t originally intended to be used (in a good way). Gareth is most proficient at the practical side of developing e-assessment content, taking the requirements of item writers and examiners and delivering them in the most appropriate way possible. This has meant that he has developed a keen instinct for, and interest in, what makes assessment valid – which has in turn fuelled a desire to make e-assessment accessible to all users wherever possible.