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2021 e-Assessment Award sponsors

PSI, Headline sponsor of the 2021 e-Assessment Awards

PSI, Headline sponsor of the 2021 e-Assessment Awards

PSI is one of the largest and most respected assessment companies in the world with 70 years’ experience of providing solutions to government agencies, corporations, professional associations and certifying bodies. Globally, PSI employs 1,200 staff and manages a test centre network of over 700 locations.

In IT Certification, PSI has set the global standard for performance-based IT skills assessment. In Government and Professional Certification it delivers high stakes, high volume testing programmes including, from September 2016, the UK driving theory and hazard perception test, acknowledged as the largest single eAssessment programme in the world.


A note from our Headline sponsor

"We would encourage all our industry colleagues to consider entering in one or more of the award categories, whether this is based on experience in the UK market, in Europe or beyond. The greater the scope and variety of the entries, the richer will be the shared knowledge that we are able to showcase as a result."

Janet Garcia

President, PSI International

ACER Company logo

ACER, sponsor of

Best Formative Assessment Project

ACER are proud to be sponsoring the eAssessment Best Formative Assessment Project – an award that recognises the importance of formative assessment innovation, committed research and development in this field. We welcome the opportunity to acknowledge another contribution to e-assessment through the 2021 awards.

TCS iON logo

TCS iON, sponsor of

Best Summative Assessment Project

TCS iON are the sponsors of the Best Summative Assessment Project at the 2021 International e-Assessment Awards. Assessments are crucial for Students & Universities alike. Having transformed the assessments space in India, the 'best summative assessment' project category is close to our heart. We look forward to seeing emerging leaders revolutionizing Summative Assessments.

British Council sponsor of the 2021 e-Assessment Awards

British Council, sponsor of

Best International Implementation

The British Council are proud sponsors of the 2021 e-Assessment Awards

City & Guilds sponsor of the 2021 International e-Assessment Awards

City & Guilds, sponsor of

Best Workplace or Talent Assessment Project

City & Guilds, sponsor of the Best Workplace or Talent Assessment Projeect in the 2021 e-Assessment Awards, help people develop the skills they need to progress into a job, on the job and onto the next job.

Vretta company logo

Vretta, sponsor of

Most Innovative Use of Technology in Assessment

Vretta, sponsor of the 2021 e-Assessment Awards: Most Innovative Use of Technology in Assessment, aims to support organizations and institutions that design, develop, and implement assessments that not only measure student learning, but also support student success through the innovative use of technology in assessments.

RM sponsor of the 2021 e-Assessment Awards

RM, sponsor of

Best Transformational Project

RM is proud to sponsor the e-Assessment Award for Best Transformational Project for 2021. This category will draw out some fantastic examples of how the e-assessment community has responded during this time, in addition to continuing with existing transformation projects despite the disruption.

Prometric, sponsors of the 2021 e-Assessment Awards

Prometric, sponsor of

Lifetime Contribution

Prometric, the sponsor of the Lifetime Contribution Award in the 2021 e-Assessment Awards, is a global leader in test development, testing delivery, and candidate services, Prometric partners with the world's top credentialing and licensure organizations to design and deliver leading exam programs that help individuals advance their careers and serve their communities.


NCFE, sponsor of

Best Research

NCFE are proud sponsors of the 2021 e-Assessment Awards

The e-Assessment Association

The e-Assessment Association

Founded in 2008, the e-Assessment Association is a not-for-profit international membership organisation representing all industry sectors with an interest in e-Assessment including schools, FE and HE through to qualification providers, regulators, technology providers and industry consultants worldwide. With over 2,450 members worldwide we have three main goals:

  • to promote better assessment of knowledge, skills and capabilities of people through technology.
  • to build awareness of the benefits that technology brings to assessment, particularly around delivering better learning and assessment, rather than just greater efficiency.
  • to ensure we have a strong voice and influence in the key policy debates involving the assessment of learning, training and competency.

The e-Assessment Association founded the e-Assessment Awards in 2016 to recognise excellence. The e-Assessment awards are an opportunity to showcase globally the very best practice, research and innovation in testing and assessment, where the use of technology has enabled transformation, improved outcomes and enhanced learning and teaching.